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You can expect 100% effort on your trip with Hawk One Charters!

Our goal at Hawk One Charters is to make sure your day on the water is filled with fish and fun. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, we have a fishing charter just for you.

Our captains work hard every day to make sure our charters for striped bass, bluefish, fluke, weakfish and other species are action-packed and enjoyable.

We are equipped with the finest boats and fishing tackle available. Our boats are loaded up with the latest navigation, fish-finding and safety equipment.

Fishing lessons are available for all levels, beginner to advanced. Children and adults are encouraged to learn.

Have fun! Part of being a parent or a friend to children is to enjoy each event on an individual level. As a child, I was taught to fish by an old salt. Those lessons were not only life lessons. They brought me to my passion. I believe it is very important to pass this knowledge on to our young ones. You can introduce kids to nature, the value of the environment, the importance of fish and game laws and the biology and habitat of fish. The fun part is more important so they want to go fishing again! Such trips will help cement relationships and help children learn about a sport that they can enjoy for their entire lives.

As a strong believer in enviromental and conservation issues, we practice catch and release. As a client, if you must take a striped bass, we hope you will take it within our self-imposed slot limits (28 inches to 38 inches).

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